feeling of irritating the eyes and throat
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point of view, to strengthen the ecological door type has a very good fashion, fully suitable for the modern young family of consumers welcome; from the use of point of view, and then no need for excessive human force to achieve the purpose of closing doors, Use your fingers to push it off. 3, from the nature to consider, to strengthen the ecological door is undoubtedly a more durable indoor doors, it is also more durable than the solid wood 4, and in the
appearance of strengthening the ecological doors and solid wood doors are not different, the same aristocratic gorgeous. 5, and finally from the production requirements, the production of ecological doors to strengthen the workers must be fine workmanship, skilled, so strengthen the ecological doors more market advantage. In addition to strengthening the ecological door also has its unique characteristics: 1, the facade of the use of fire-resistant substrate
melamine paint board, the high-temperature treatment of a molding, style three-dimensional, diverse and beautiful. 2, the surface of natural wood grain, texture clear, comfortable color. 3, the door set of solid wood finger material or multi-layer board, solid and durable, not easy to deformation, fast installation, high-grade appearance, put an end to the ordinary plywood or PVC door blister, from the skin situation. 4, without formaldehyde, a Tsuen, no radiation
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