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Core material is divided into three categories: hard foam, honeycomb and balsa wood. 1) Rigid foam: mainly polyvinyl chloride (PVC): the actual mixture of PVC and polyurethane, with good static and dynamic wood fencing slats properties, can be used to carry high demand products. Commonly on the market sandwich structure material core materials are AIREX and DIAB brand. Polyetherimide has a good fire, flame retardant properties, suitable for aviation and rail transit areas, the market common PEI foam core material. Polyurethane (PU): its mechanical properties in general, but the processing and foam molding easier and inexpensive, it is custom recycled plastic composite fibre commonly used in the case of smaller load sandwich structure materials. Polyethylene (PET): comprehensive performance than PVC foam is poor, but more environmentally friendly and low cost. Common PET foam core materials are AIREX T90 and T91. Polymethylacrylimide (PMI): with high strength and stiffness, after high temperature treatment, can withstand 190 ℃ curing process on the dimensional stability of foam requirements. Commonly used in the aviation field. honeycomb: common honeycomb core material has NOMEX honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb, cotton honeycomb, glass cloth composite wood products made in uk honeycomb and so on. Honeycomb core material has good strength and stiffness, but because of the honeycomb core hole, so the effect of adhesion and the panel as foam core material. balsa wood: balsa core material is a kind of natural renewable core material, raw materials for the Balsa balsa wood, with a small density, fast growth, good strength, good toughness characteristics, so more suitable as a sandwich Wood Plastic Decking Series Material structure of the core material The The market is more common balsa core material BALTEK company's SB series products.

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When talking about having insurance on home improvement projects, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to purchase insurance. Although, it's not a bad idea. Especially, when you are going to be doing the home improvement yourself.
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