Website Improvements

Posted by Wales Nova in General News on Tuesday 18 December @ 07:08

Many updates have been made to the website now I've had some practise at CSS and refresh of HTML code.

There is now a ventrilo panel located at the top left of the website. Clicking the link connects the user directly to our Ventrilo server. This is only visible and accessible to clan members. I am considering creating a public ventrilo server for our community to visit but lets actually wait and see if there ever is a community here.

Directly below this or at the top left panel for non clan members is our community page links. This includes links to our Facebook, Twitter and Steam pages and our IRC channel on mIRC.

The Server IP pannel has been update to contain a clickable link that connect directly to our clan server. It also contains information about any current password on the server so our community and clan members can access the server at all times. However it will not be provided to the public or community during matches or clan practise.

The Server status panel directly at the top of the center panels and below our navigation bar provides detailed info about the servers current status.

Now that we are actually competing in matches you will be able to find all training and match details on the left hand side including Next Match, Latest Results and Training times and information. The training panel is only visible to clan members as it contains the server password so members can join but not the public. Remember to also check the fixtures page, new headlines and calender for any upcoming matches or events.

And finally the bottom left panel is the Downloads panel where you can download all the files you need to participate with our clan.

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